Disaster Recovery

Data Stream as a stand alone product is not disaster tolerant but works in conjunction with industry leading products to form a disaster recovery process.

Disasters are never a planned event but planning for one is critical to minimizing impact.

Microsoft SQL Agent

Data Stream recommends the use of Ola Hallengren Scripts.

Don't forget to set a backup schedule for each Microsft SQL Agent Job. [Reference]

Ola Hallengren Scripts

Download the scripts here.

Load Balancing Fail-over

Manual Fail-over

When the mirrored database is synchronized, the database owner or system administrator can initiate manual fail-over to the secondary server.

USE master;


Validation of mirroring status is critical to a successful fail-over. [Reference]

Automatic Fail-over

Automatic fail-over occurs when the fast startup is disabled and computer is properly shutdown.

Automatic fail-over will not occur in a loss of power disaster.

Disabling Fast Startup

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